Deal or No Deal Slot Strategy


The Deal or No Deal slot machine is a very well put together game. It’s got a lot of ‘win’ in its reels, paying out some fairly chunky prizes for combinations of just two symbols at the top end of the pay-table. If treated correctly you can take a lot of cash off this game’s reels – it’s just a case of making sure that you have a good bankroll strategy and are familiar with all aspect of the bonus features and structure before you start playing.

Try Before You Buy

Make sure that you play the Deal or No Deal slot on free-play before you go for a real money session. Even though it’s a progressive slot game, you can actually free-play it straight from the Jackpot Joy site with no need to sign up for an account. This way you can get a really good appreciation of how to play both bonus features, and, more importantly, get a feel for the Banker’s offers. These don’t come that often in the game, but when they do arrive, there’s usually a lot of money attached to your decision. You’ll want to get a sense of how often the game tries to save money and how often its generous, as this is a big part of the puzzle when it comes to taking money away from this machine.

The Stakes are High

The first time you load up the Deal or No Deal slot, you’ll notice that you have to choose your stake per line before you actually get to the reels. It’s quite uncommon to see this kind of thing on a slot machine, but there’s good reason for it – the bigger you bet, the bigger the progressive jackpot prize available to you, and of course, the bigger the reel wins too. Make sure that you choose a bet amount that’s not going to swallow up your entire bankroll and will allow you to spend a good session at the reels.

Above All, Have Fun

Any slot you play, not just the Deal or No Deal slot machine, should be a lot of fun. Make sure that you’re always playing for enjoyment and not because you need to win the money. At best slot machines are relaxing, entertaining, sometimes frustrating, and sometimes the most glorious thing in the world, and if you are fortunate enough to step away with a really big win, make sure you spend your winnings on buying yourself a lovely treat. Good luck at the reels and we hope you bring it on home.